A pop release worth looking forward to. And they're Philly boys (I may know a thing or two about Philly). Drink Up Buttercup talks about Born and Thrown on the Hook in the Vimeo vid below. Sounds are enjoyable.

Drink Up Buttercup // Born and Thrown on a Hook EPK from Drink Up Buttercup on Vimeo.

Track Listing:

1. Seasickness Pills

2. Animate the Hangtime

3. Young Ladies

4. Doggy Head

5. Even Think

6. Gods and Gentlemen

7. Lovers Play Dead

8. Who Spilled the Beaker

9. Heavy Hand

10. Pink Sunshine

11. Vietnam Waltz

12. Sosey and Dosey

13. Mr. Pie Eyes

14. Maestro Monsignor
AuthorNick Greto