Want to read something funny? Mayer Hawthorne's debut album A Strange Arrangement began as a joke. I suppose that isn't too funny. But it is certainly ironic...Because this album could very well be the best release of 2009.

What started out as sort of a joke for close friends and family, has suddenly and unexpectedly become something very real.

There is no doubt a certain amount of "realness" is poured into this album. You can look no further then the roots from which it stems. Though it is molded from the peak of Motown it mixes easily with modern hip hop. Things might feel retro but it simultaneously feels fresh. And though this vibe is key, just a important is the pain and pleasure that Mayer shares with us from not only his vocals but the instruments.

He plays just about everything on A Strange Arrangement. And the amazement does not stop there. We dare you to keep these songs out of your head. You'll be singing them in the subway. You'll be that dude singing in public. And you'll be OK with it. Just like A Strange Arrangement, the joke is on those that just don't get it.

Back to the point, this album might have started as a joke but it brings some serious shit. Go get it now. Or at least when it comes out on 09-08-09 at

We give it an "It's great".
AuthorNick Greto