Somehow we missed this, but we will be there tomorrow evening. Okkervil River will likely pack the joint, get there early. From Sound Fix:

Dec 12, 2008 8 PM Okkervil River (acoustic): Will Sheff and Charles Bissell
(of the Wrens)
An in-store that needs no talking up, but we'll do it anyway.
Okkervil River's very own Will Sheff makes a return trip to Sound Fix (his third
time!) to dazzle us with an acoustic set of songs from his brilliant new LP,
"The Stand-Ins." An acoustic show from Will Sheff is something truly special (go
see his last Sound Fix performance on YouTube), bound to include a few surprises
along the way, so don't miss this one. Also joining in from Okkervil River's
latest band member, Charles Bissell,...