From this point forward, Musicology NYC will be doing all album reviews in a more conversational manner. For example, when we are out at a bar and someone asks us how the new Beck album is we usually have to give a review in three sentences or less or lose the person to a hot blond a good song or a shot of whiskey. Since peoples attention spans are shrinking and we can get a lot more reviews done and sound a lot less pretentious, we are going to do that here...three sentences or less. It's not gonna be easy to be so short winded but we are gonna try.

Additionally, our rating system use to be on a five star system. We are also changing that. Again, when someone asks you about an the new Beck album at a show you usually say a)its amazing b)its really good c)it's good d)it's ok e)it sucks. So yeah, it's still five tiered, but it's now much easier to understand.
AuthorNick Greto