Jazzanova is back with more dance influenced jazz. Watch their new video below.

Berlin's Jazzanova collective formed in 1995, after DJing with one another
at a club called Delicious Doughnuts. Alexander Barck, Class Brieler, Roskow
Kretschmann, Stefan Leisering, Axel Reinemer, and Jürgen von Knoblauch shared a
common goal of blending their collected inspirations together to create a new,
sophisticated sound, with debts owed to nearly every form of dance-oriented
music from the past several decades.
It's to be expected that Jazzanova would
turn in excellent productions with every track, but what's most impressive about
Of All the Things is the work that Jazzanova haven't made their forté in the
past -- songwriting, arrangements, and the pairing of each vocalist with a song
that works perfectly for them.
Of All the Things
November 21, 2008

AuthorNick Greto