Most people don't know much about Daniel Martin Moore and with legitimate reason. Read below from Subpop.

You’ve never heard of Daniel Martin
, from Cold Spring, Kentucky. That’s okay. Before we got his
unsolicited demo in January 2007, neither had we. Luckily, he’d heard of us, and
contacted us the way people in Cold Spring still do—he sent us a package, just
to see what would happen. In all honesty, his odds were quite slim, but
occasionally we’ll take down that “no solicitation” sign on our door.
Eventually, we opened his package and gave his four songs a listen and decided
to contact him—we happened upon Daniel while he was working at a friend’s bed
and breakfast in Costa Rica.

Three tracks in, we like his romantic, honest ditties. Listen to Stray Age in full here (requires login).
AuthorNick Greto