Can someone tell me why this album being mixed isn't bigger news? Just check out this live performance for there amazing-ness.

From their blog...

hello we have mixed all the tracks and the whole album is shit, so were
going to start all over again. ok only kidding...sorry ! its sound pretty good
but we have to go back to a few things in the next few weeks though. it sound
pretty different from what we have done before i dont think the fondue society
will be happy oh well , like the bee joke ends....... fuk em bye geoff


ps. the tunes are sounding 10 times better today for some reason


we have finished the work in
bristol.----------------------------------------------------------- this
has been like watching lost, a never ending journy with very few
answers. it
seems that we can never do things the easy
way.------------------------------------------------ so thanks for
waiting.----------------------------- also------------------- looks like atp
sold out and theres still some really good people to be added to the
line up.
--------------- geoff

I for one am very excited.
AuthorNick Greto